Assessments: A Starting Point!

Educate Tutoring is pleased to provide a series of literacy and numeracy assessments for all our students. All our academic intervention tutorial programs commence with a formal subject-specific comprehensive assessment which allows tutors to plan and deliver lessons centred around a student’s individual needs.

Our literacy assessments provide us with knowledge regarding a student’s approximate learning age in the areas of spelling and reading, while our numeracy assessments provide an indication of learning grade level, and their capacity to perform at their current grade and cognitive ability. Throughout an ongoing tutorial program, students are reassessed regularly, providing quantitative data which allows tutors to track progress and areas of potential difficulty.

Included in our assessments are the David Kilpatrick Phonological Awareness Skills and Screening Test, Oral and Written Phonogram Assessments, Morrison McCall Spelling Scale, Waddington Diagnostic Spelling Test, South Australia Spelling Assessment, Burt Word Reading Test, Holborn Reading Test, and the Waddington Diagnostic Reading Test. Our numeracy assessments include the KeyMaths-3 Diagnostic Assessment, the Schedule of Early Number Assessment 1 and 2, the Mad Minute Maths Facts, and the Waddington Numeracy Modules.

At Educate Tutoring, we employ a wide array of assessments, due to the great importance we place upon tracking the progress of our students. Assessments not only inform us of a student’s individual ability and understanding, but they also inform us of a student’s potential and are an encouraging tool to visualise hopeful future steps (Department of Education, Government of Scotland, n.d.). Our team delivers our lessons with great intentionality regarding educational goals, and assessments help reinforce and monitor pathways towards those goals.

We approach the documentation of these assessments with strategy, consideration, and purpose (National Association for the Education of Young Children USA, n.d.). It is our belief, however, that assessments are a building block towards a result that is best achieved by ongoing tuition, which fosters and encourages continuity in educational progress. Assessments are an integral tactic which develops regular intervention or coaching, depending on the student’s needs. Initial assessment results may be difficult, especially for students experiencing learning difficulties (Moats, 2016), and the importance of support following the obtainment of these results cannot be understated. Our hope is to be able to provide this support for all our students, being ever ready to provide knowledge, skill and insight despite any difficulties regarding assessment results, and to equip students and families with informative and individualised services.

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