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Struggling with your education can feel like a hopeless challenge but rest assured – there’s hope! Support is available to close the learning gap as soon as possible. In fact, studies show that the most critical learning years occur before Grade 4 and it is possible that there may be a further learning decline starting from Grade 5, continuing with the increase of grade level (Nickow, Oreopoulos & Quan, 2020; The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2012).

However, tutoring can significantly benefit both struggling and succeeding students and can assist in creating skills that can benefit them for their entire life. It can help target difficulties by providing that much needed intervention, boost grades and performance, and even more so, introduce positive, lifelong habits, such as:

  • Addressing the social anxiety and stress of asking questions
  • Implementing and strategising study routines
  • Obtaining a learning method and speed that is best suited for each individual
  • Helping increase long-term memory and the amount of information one can retain by securing neural pathways (Palormar Collage, n.d.; Spalding Education Australia, n.d.)
  • Improving critical thinking skills in and beyond the classroom (Palormar Collage, n.d.)

There are also some commonly overlooked positives, such as increasing social skills and a greater challenge for understimulated and unmotivated students. This can lead to higher self-esteem as students finally realise that they can succeed in learning, and tutoring sets them on that path!

Addressing learning issues is something everyone might face at some point, and we are here to help. Face your difficulties now, as the earliest intervention possible is crucial and “the needle of academic achievement moves slowly, because essentially you are building knowledge and skills that develop over time” (Sparks, 2012). Together, we can work to build positive habits, lifelong healthy practices, and target learning needs!

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