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Tuition Delivery


In-Person lessons are suitable for students who would benefit from learning in a positive new environment free of distractions. Learning is facilitated through building face-to-face relationships and the utilisation of concrete resources. This lesson format is available for families that are able to regularly visit us at our rooms in Sandy Bay and Kingston, Tasmania.


Online lessons offer a flexible mode of delivery that will benefit families with busy schedules or students who feel more comfortable studying in a familiar environment. Delivery of lessons occurs via the web conferencing facility, Zoom, and allows educators to connect with students anywhere within Australia or indeed, the world!

Lessons typically run for a period of one hour per week.  
However, significant benefits may be gained through intensive intervention in which students attend tuition multiple times a week for the duration of one or two terms. For ongoing learning support, we recommend an enrolment period of between 12 and 18 months depending on student need and family circumstances. Homework tasks may be set in collaboration with students and their families.