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An active and engaging learning experience

Academic services for the wider Hobart area


We provide more than just a lesson. Our trained and qualified educators offer tailored support in English, Maths and Science for students in K-12, and beyond.


Perfect for K-6 students, our multisensory, manipulative approach gives our students a head start on their journey through learning to read, write and perform mathematical operations.


As students navigate their way through the demands of the high-school curriculum, we have carefully-designed supports to help our participants achieve their study goals.


The academic content in Years 11, 12 and university can be daunting. Students enrolled in our programs gain the knowledge and skills needed to help process course content and manage an increased work load.


Based in Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Educate Tutoring offers individual and paired tutorials, both in person or online. Students develop confidence in their ability to learn through engaging multisensory, direct instruction models. As they develop tangible, reliable skills, their willingness to have a go at new or unfamiliar tasks is strengthened.

Catch up or get ahead

At Educate Tutoring, we can help you achieve a variety of learning goals

Feeling left behind and struggling to keep up with the school program?

Finding it difficult to grasp foundation skills needed for reading, writing or maths?

Doing well at school but would like to extend your achievements?

Received a diagnosis of dyslexia or other learning difficulty?

Preparing for a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), or entrance exam for the police or defence forces?

Have a first language other than English?

Missed a lot of school as a result of caring for a family member?

Had an extended absence from school due to illness and/or hospitalisation?

Educational objectives
are identified
There are a wide variety of factors that may impact a student’s academic progress at any level. These barriers may be reduced or removed through accessing additional support.

Educate Tutoring incorporates the development of individualised learning programs and ongoing assessments to ensure clear educational objectives are identified and achieved within a responsive and nurturing environment.

Our Services

Educate Tutoring offers more than just a lesson

We offer specialised support for your child

Evidence Based

Evidence based approaches to instruction


Differentiated teaching methods to cater for specific student needs

Our Blog Posts

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My son absolutely loves his Educate Tutoring sessions and is progressing very well in literacy due to the positive impact of support from Educate Tutoring. Over the course of one year, his comprehension has improved by 5 years, and we are amazed by his progress. Educate Tutoring has made a huge difference in my son's learning journey and he is enjoying every minute of it!
Stacey T.
Thanks to Educate Tutoring, our daughter was set up for success in her first year of High School! She was given the opportunity to develop skills and tools she needed, alongside self-confidence. A very warm and sincere thank you from all of us!
Remy W.
My granddaughter has grown to express a positive attitude towards mathematics after commencing enrolment with Educate Tutoring, and I was pleased to hear that she was openly and readily requesting help with fractions! In the past, she has had trouble with expressing a need for assistance, so this was a good development. Thank you, Educate Tutoring!
Kayla H.
Thank you, Educate Tutoring, for working with my son this year. He has shown incredible results following his first year at college, including an award in excellence for his VET class. He completed the year successfully and was able to express pride in his accomplishments!
Carolyn N.
The results that Educate Tutoring delivers speak for themselves! We have received our grandson's report and we would like to express our sincere emotions, knowing that through Educate Tutoring's lessons, he has been acknowledged, validated, and valued. Thank you.
Marie L.
Our daughter has progressed so well, with the help of Educate Tutoring. When she first commenced her enrolment, she had great difficulties and struggled with comprehension and general understanding of the tutor's instructions. She found processing information challenging, as she was three years below her grade level in her reading, writing and literacy. Thanks to Educate Tutoring, she was able to receive a successful grade in English.
Demi N.
I have seen a huge difference in my daughter since starting tutoring. She enjoys learning and the sessions have given her such confidence in her ability - something she lost when she got diagnosed with dyslexia around 18 months ago. Especially through lockdown, it’s been nice to see her so enthusiastic in attending the online sessions and it has given her some normality through this time. Her educator is a fantastic tutor and has a lovely nature - her enthusiasm to teach is infectious. Thank you to the whole team for providing such a fantastic service.
Kirran B.
Seeing my children falling behind at school, it was tough for me as a parent to witness. Everything I tried at home to help them catch up didn’t seem to work. Once they started struggling at school it was like a domino effect - it affected their self-esteem, friendships, and overall behaviour. When I reached out to Naomi from Educate Tutoring, it was the start of such a positive change to my children’s life (and to be honest, it helped my learning as well)! Both of my children have now attended Educate Tutoring, and it has been amazing to watch the growth of their confidence and excitement about learning. It has helped in so many aspects in their lives and is worth every penny. The team is warm, friendly and encouraging, and I couldn’t thank them enough. I highly recommend Educate Tutoring: the team, the learning system and programs they teach, and the environment they create that helps bring all the learning together. Thank you to the team at Educate Tutoring.
The Heffernans
The team at Educate Tutoring have been amazing to deal with and their approach has conveyed both their professionalism and a level of compassion and understanding that I have found reassuring. I have always known that my son was a bright and capable student, but the education system has not always been able to support him in his learning. His skills and knowledge are definitely growing under his educator's guidance, but the thing that makes me so happy is to see his confidence growing. To have someone work one-on-one with my son is proving invaluable, and for anyone who is considering it, I would say without hesitation: make the booking! My only regret is that I didn’t make the investment in my son’s education sooner. I know that when he looks back on his childhood, he will say this was the time when he learned to love reading, and that’s thanks to you.
Harry L.
We are very satisfied with Educate Tutoring's services. Our daughter has been enrolled for one year, and we would highly recommend their services to everyone! We felt supported in her learning and have seen evidence of her improvement through being taught learning skills, strategies, and organisation. The communication between our daughter and our educator was clear and punctual, and we thank them for going above and beyond for our family. We want to express our deep gratitude for all the encouragement! Our daughter's confidence has soared!
The Tonbridges
My child just received his mid-year report and this time last year for English he received a D, this year however he received a C+. Thank you for all your hard work in helping him achieve this. It is greatly appreciated. I am very proud of him, he has worked hard. 😊
Juliet F.
Educate Tutoring is excellent! My child's report was great, C for English, an A and a few Bs, passed everything!
Blair C.

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