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Standardised Assessments

Educate Tutoring’s standardised assessments are individually administered and provide an indication of a student’s learning age in comparison to their chronological age and school year. The qualitative and quantitative results gained from these assessments provide tutors with valuable insight into student progress and potential areas of difficulty. This information allows our instructors and educators to gain a clear understanding of students’ strengths as well as their learning needs, therefore enabling the delivery of a highly individualised learning program.

Literacy Assessments

Our literacy assessments evaluate the following skills used in spelling, writing and reading:

● Phonological and phonemic awareness
● Systematic phonics
● Vocabulary
● Reading fluency
● Reading accuracy and comprehension
● Grammar/writing

Numeracy Assessments

Our numeracy assessments evaluate the following arithmetical skills:

  • Numeration
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data analysis and provability
  • Mental Computation and Estimation
  • Problem Solving

Conceptual Ability

“This assessment measures an individual’s receptive (hearing) vocabulary for Standard American English and provides, at the same time, a quick estimate of verbal ability or scholastic aptitude” (Source: