Benefits of Small Groups

At Educate Tutoring, we are proud to have the opportunity to deliver a variety of packages tailored to every student’s needs. Included in these packages are options for paired or group tuition, which are extremely beneficial for students who experience learning difficulties. Students not only receive explicit and evidence-based instruction, but also reap the benefits of social interaction which plays a significant and fundamental role in the process of learning. These benefits include enhanced thinking, improved communication, peer support, and increased student engagement.

Studies have shown that student groups of various learning stages allow for longer, varied interactions when all students are given chances to engage, contribute and lead discussions and activities (Yule & Macdonald, 1990). As students interact with each other and their tutor, they have the chance to invest, take responsibility for, and feel involved in their learning. At Educate Tutoring, we take special care to express feedback that encourages a student’s understanding of a concept. We ask, “can you explain?” rather than, “do you understand?”

Interestingly, further research has shown that learning interventions with a ratio of three students per one tutor or more show increased academic performance rates, especially during grades 2 to 5 (Nickow, Oreopoulos & Quan, 2020). Additionally, academic performance and positive effects of learning intervention grow in correlation with the number of tutoring sessions per week (Nickow, Oreopoulos & Quan, 2020; Miller & Connolly, 2013; Miller et al., 2012).

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