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Frequently Asked Questions


What services does Educate Tutoring provide?

Educate Tutoring offers three (3) levels of assistance, Academic Intervention, Extension and Coaching.

1.  Academic Intervention is ideal for students needing specialised assistance. This may include students who have a diagnosed learning challenge, or those experiencing difficulty grasping foundation literacy and numeracy skills.  Academic Intervention may also assist those who have missed long periods of schooling due to illness or extenuating  circumstances.

2.  Academic Extension is designed to augment and broaden the students’ skills and understanding,  so they are able to articulate, reflect on and explore concepts and ideas.  Tutors provide the guidance needed to strengthen student learning as they move toward reaching their fullest potential.

3.  Academic Coaching is suitable for high school and college students and is designed to support their school-based learning by assisting with classwork, assignments and homework.

This program offers students intensive assistance with:

  • Foundation Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills (Primary Years)
  • Maths (Upper Primary, Secondary and College)
  • Writing Composition (essay writing)

4. Educate Tutoring also runs Holiday Programs. More information about our Holiday Programs can be found here.

How does Educate Tutoring work?

Programs for new enrolments begin the week after a booking has been registered. The first session involves an introduction to Educate Tutoring, goal setting, and assessments (if required). This session is conducted by a member of our Programs and Services team. The second and subsequent lessons are conducted by the educator. Educators use information provided by families as well as assessment outcomes to design a program that responds to the needs of individual students. Educators prepare detailed lesson plans and evaluations documenting content, student engagement and progress. Formal progress reports can be provided at an additional cost.

How long is the duration of my Educate Tutoring enrolment?

It is recommended that standard once-a-week enrolments run for between 12 and 18 months. Short-term intensive programs are also an option. These consist of three lessons per week for the duration of one term. Intensive programs are subject to educator availability.

How do I enrol?

Once you have decided that your child may benefit from the support offered by Educate Tutoring, you are invited to register your interest by going to the Contact page and sending us a message or giving us a call. We will make contact with you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have, and to begin the enrolment process.

Can I cancel my tutoring program?

Yes, you can. Cancellation of a tutorial program partway through a term requires two weeks’ notice (14 days) in writing. All lessons scheduled after the 14-day notice period will be cancelled, and an exit fee of $250 will be charged.

What kind of security is on the premises?

Our premises are secured by an electronic keypad door lock and contain CCTV security cameras in all offices and common areas.


How much will tuition cost?

Academic Intervention, Extension or Coaching:

All-inclusive fee of $80.00 + GST per student per paired/group session or $120.00 + GST per student per individual session.

NB: Fees are invoiced on a per-term basis.

Do I have to pay extra fees for books and resources?

All stationery and lesson-based resources are supplied by Educate Tutoring. Additional products (such as subject-specific workbooks) may be provided with prior parental consent. These will be invoiced separately in accordance with the schedule of fees that can be provided upon request.

How do I pay my fees?

Payment of Educate Tutoring fees is made through Payrix Direct Debit services.  Payment arrangements can be set up weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term.

You may also be interested in partnering with Coogans Finance.  This option allows you to access the support your child needs when they need it.  Coogan’s will take care of the account in the immediate instance, and you can pay later when timing is more suitable.  As responsible lenders, Coogans have options for customers to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Click here for more information –


What is the duration of a lesson?

All face-to-face lessons run for a period of one hour.  Online tutorials run for 50 minutes.

How many lessons are scheduled each term?

Standard programs include one tutorial per week and are in alignment with Tasmanian Government Schools term dates. With the exception of Term 4, the number of lessons will correspond with the number of weeks in the school term. Tutorials are held on student-free days; however, they are not held on public holidays.

How many children are enrolled in a single class?

Paired lessons are our preferred mode of practice. Social interaction plays a fundamental role in the process of learning, leading to enhanced thinking and improved communication skills, and the promotion of peer support. Places for individual lessons are available at an increased fee. Subject-specific small groups may be conducted from time-to-time. These are subject to tutor availability and student numbers. Please speak with us about the best option for your child.

How is my child matched with another student for paired tuition?

Educate Tutoring management and educators work closely with families to ensure that their children are suitably paired with another student who has similar educational needs, compatible learning styles and personality. Educators assess, design material and teach in a way that caters for the needs of each student, but with the added benefits of peer learning, interaction and a dynamic environment.

If your child has a relationship with a family member or friend who may be interested in attending Educate Tutoring, and you feel that their pairing would be mutually constructive, you are invited to have a conversation with us about this match.

Should I re-enrol in tutoring for a new school year?

Summer holidays bring about a break in routine when children are less likely to read, write or maintain their studies . Transitioning to a new school year may bring uncertainty, challenges, and increased study demands. All these elements can lead to increased stress and reduced confidence for children. We can provide the support and consistency that is needed to help them navigate through these challenges.

All prior enrolments will roll over into the new year, unless otherwise requested. 

Is tutoring available over school holidays?

Regular tuition is not held during school holiday periods. We do, however, offer Holiday Programs. Please click here for more information.

If I am running late, will I lose the lesson?

If the student has not presented within 20 minutes of the lesson start time, and no message has been received from the family, tutorials may be cancelled.

Can I cancel a lesson?

Lessons can be cancelled; however, Educate Tutoring is under no obligation to reschedule tutorials that have been cancelled or forgotten by the client. Requests for changes to scheduled lesson times must be negotiated with Educate Tutoring management only.

Can I attend the tutorial with my child?

Parents are not able to attend paired or group lessons. Parents are welcome to attend individual lessons in order to observe their child’s program and progress. Families are best placed to decide whether this is beneficial for their child; however, our experience shows that students engage with learning tasks more freely when they are not being observed.


What if my lesson falls on a public holiday?

Lessons falling on a public holiday are neither scheduled nor invoiced.


What if my educator cancels a lesson?

Should an educator be unavailable, every effort will be made to engage a relief educator. Alternatively, the lesson may need to be rescheduled to a mutually convenient time.

Can the educator conduct lessons at my home?

All face-to-face lessons are conducted on the premises at Educate Tutoring.  Online tutorials are also available.

Can I choose a different educator?

Please contact our office directly here, should you have any concerns.

Will my child's educator change?

At Educate Tutoring, our goal is to develop consistency in your child’s tuition. This involves cultivating a supportive and trusting connection between student and educator. With this in mind, we strive to the best of our ability to match students and educators both according to personality and skills.

Throughout your child’s tuition program, we continue to monitor the connections with their educator carefully.

Often, despite developing a strong relationship, a change of educator may be required when, for example, schedules change or educators move out of area.  Additionally, a new educator can provide an alternative range of skills and/or specialties that become necessary for students as they advance through their schooling.

Any changes in educator will be dependent on staff, student and room availability and will take place at the discretion of Educate Tutoring staff on a case-by-case basis.

In the event that a change of educator is required, we will carefully match your child with another member of our team who is equipped to continue providing the outstanding level of service and support you should expect from Educate Tutoring.

In summary, Educate Tutoring will:

    • Match students and educators carefully upon enrolment
    • Monitor student/educator relationships
    • Identify issues and strive to resolve them
    • Exercise discretion regarding changes of educator
Can I communicate about my child’s progress with their educator?

Parents are most welcome to communicate with educators through brief discussion at the completion of a lesson or at any time via email. A written progress report is available for an additional fee.

Do educators communicate with my child’s school teacher?

Communication with schools depends on the needs of the student and the level of support offered by schools to families seeking extra-curricular input.