Tuition Packages

Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention is ideal for students needing specialised assistance. This may include students who have a diagnosed learning challenge, or those experiencing difficulty grasping foundation literacy and numeracy skills.  Academic Intervention may also assist those who have missed long periods of schooling due to illness or extenuating  circumstances. 

Julie and Freya sorting their phonograms!

Academic Extension

Academic Extension is designed to augment and broaden the students’ skills and understanding, so they are able to articulate, reflect on and explore concepts and ideas.  Tutors provide the guidance needed to strengthen student learning as they move toward reaching their fullest potential.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is suitable for high school and college students and is designed to support their school-based learning by assisting with classwork, assignments and homework.



Using a variety of assessment tasks, the first step we take is to identify the gaps in student learning. These assessments are conducted with all our new enrollees, and then periodically throughout their attendance. Assessments provide tutors with a set of numerical data that outline progress made and highlight any areas of potential difficulty. Informed by these results, a learning program is tailored to each student’s individual needs.


Developing a program for your child

Educate Tutoring offers lessons for students, designed to respond to specific needs. These are identified through:

Standardised and diagnostic assessments

Educational psychologist reports

Speech therapist reports

Occupational therapist reports

Achievement goals set by students

Input from parents

Communication with school teachers

School reports

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