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of educators and support staff

I simply fell into my teaching career, but I’ll never forget the moment I realised the depth of my responsibility as a classroom teacher. I was keenly aware that each one of my students had their own individual personality and character, learning style, strengths and needs.  Establishing safe and nurturing relationships with each student is a natural and integral part of my practice. My training and experience have helped me develop a strong framework around which I am able to prepare and deliver effective, evidence-based instruction for our students at Educate.  I am continually looking for ways to refine the delivery of content, ensuring that it is efficient, effective and engaging – maximising the use of the small amount of time we have with our families each week. 

Hello, my name is Claire!  I’ll be the person to greet you as you come in for your weekly lesson with Educate Tutoring.  I come from a background in administration and finance management, and my role here is to support families with enquiries, enrolment bookings, accounts, and also to assist our wonderful team of tutors and management staff.  Whilst not working, I enjoy gardening, visiting the many beautiful Tasmanian beaches and spending time with my family.  Fun fact:  I’m an identical twin, and growing up, like many other twins, would love to play tricks on people.🙂

My name is Juno and I am passionate about languages, literature and history! I would love to share this passion and inspire students to love learning. I am currently studying a Masters of Applied Linguistics in Monash University. My qualifications include Bachelor degrees majoring in English Literature and Education with History, Politics and Philosophy minors, as well as Geology, Archaeology and Humanities certifications from Jerusalem University College and Stanford Medicine. I also enjoy travel, food, and animals!

I love the water and ocean, and any activity that includes being in, on or around it! My passion for teaching began at a young age when I was inspired by an enthusiastic, caring, and often unorthodox, but highly successful high school teacher.  “I can’t do this”, were words never allowed. There were always alternatives to solve any problem, make sense of any Maths formula, and always masses of encouragement to find different ways of learning.  This “think-outside-the-box” approach has stayed with me my entire career and I love finding new and different ways for students to learn. I graduated from university in 1991 and taught for several years across a diverse range of ages and disciplines but settled on working in developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills. I love seeing a student experience the joy of success. I feel everyone deserves to achieve to the best of their ability, and that I, as their tutor, have a responsibility to ensure they do so. It is so rewarding to be able to work at Educate Tutoring with a dynamic and committed team of educators who love nothing more than to see the students – child/young adult/adult –  gain a love for learning and therefore, flourish and shine!

Hi, my name is Ian. I joined the Educate Tutoring team in 2023 after relocating from Sydney to Hobart. I come from a family of educators, who fostered in me a passion for lifelong learning. I love seeing students grow, learn and seeing the excitement in them when sharing their knowledge with you.

I began my career as a primary school teacher in Central Western NSW. After moving to Sydney, I changed my career and was offered a management role in a tuition centre in North Sydney.

My role of Office Manager at Educate Tutoring allows me to spend my time between our Kingston and Sandy Bay offices. It is a privilege to work with a dynamic and passionate team. So, drop by and say hello. I am happy to assist in any enquiries that you may have about your child’s education.

Since moving to Hobart, I have discovered the joys of gardening. So, you’ll find me in my vegetable patch most of the time. Who knew growing tomatoes could be so joyful? There’s nothing nicer than eating your own produce! Fun fact: I’m trying to learn Italian.

I am a passionate language teacher from Italy. I graduated in English and French Linguistics and Literature from the University of Trento. I am fascinated by the language acquisition process and the unique expression of the self through language.

A native of Rhode Island in the USA, Ralph has been teaching for over four decades — the last twenty-five of which were in Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education. He completed his formal matriculation at Providence College, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Teachers and Rudolf Steiner College, receiving various degrees in Biology, the Humanities, Goethean Science and Teaching & Learning. He and his wife Maureen have had the pleasure of operating a small bookshop/café and cultural hub called The Book Monk in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands of Queensland. In his younger days, Ralph founded and directed the World Cup Soccer Camp for several years in Houston, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. He presently helps students of all ages to discover the wonders found in Maths and Language.

My name is Alysia and I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Corporate Governance. I am an Excel aficionado with a flair for elegant filing. Recently, I found a passion for literacy education and tutoring, inspired by my desire to help a loved one with dyslexia. I understand the unique learning nuances of neuro-diverse students and value personalized, student-centred learning.

Hello, my name is Caitlin! I have a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Ancient Civilizations, and I love teaching both Maths and English. Working with kids in a one-on-one or small group setting is something I really enjoy as I can truly get to know my students and tailor their lessons to each of them. A successful lesson with me would end with my student feeling more confident in their abilities and being excited about learning. Another one of my passions is arts and crafts of all kinds, but especially jewelery making!

Lisa has taught essay and creative writing subjects. She holds a Master of Arts in Writing & Literature and a background in Media. Her experience in teaching ranges from university-level soft skills, to primary (Year 2 to Year 5 students) and high school (Year 7 to Year 10).

Hi, my name is Emma. I began my career in England, moving to Western Australia and then onto Tasmania, where I currently continue to teach in a school. I have 3 beautiful children and we enjoy camping, walking and spending time at the beach. The family would not be complete with our gorgeous dog, Jasper.

I have been a teacher for 22 years and my passion for reading in the early years using a multisensory approach has spanned from years of professional learning, as well helping my own children learn how to read and write. My curiosity around the English language from a historical angle has captured my ongoing passion to help children to read. The attraction to work with children in a small or individual dynamic is what has brought me to the wonderful team at Educate Tutoring. Each child deserves the right to read and as an educator, is it my job to find how to help them achieve success!

My tutoring sessions are interactive and dynamic, tailoring each lesson to the individual needs and pace of my student, ensuring that they make steady progress and build a strong foundation of knowledge. Reading opens minds and worlds.

I’m currently a second-year medical student with a keen interest in specializing in paediatrics. Beyond my studies, I have a passion for teaching, especially in the areas of English, mathematics, chemistry and music.

My journey into tutoring started with my own love for learning. I find joy in making complex concepts more accessible and enjoyable for students, helping them see these subjects not just as schoolwork, but as tools for understanding the world. I chose to work with Educate Tutoring because it’s a place that supports innovative teaching methods and truly cares about the individual growth of each student.

In our sessions, students can expect a friendly, supportive, and focused environment where we will tackle their academic challenges together. I aim for students to gain more than just academic knowledge; they will acquire the skill of learning itself, which transcends the classroom. My goal is to make each session both enjoyable and enriching, equipping them with the tools to think critically and express their ideas clearly.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy traveling, playing football, surfing, and writing music. These hobbies help me bring creativity and energy into every lesson, making learning engaging and fun.

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