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Our Company

Mission Statement

Underpinned by curiosity and a love of learning, Educate Tutoring is dedicated to delivering high quality, multi-sensory instruction, supporting students through all stages of their schooling.

Working with integrity and compassion, we understand that each student has had their own individual life and learning experiences.

We appreciate that success is different for all students and as such, our team fosters an environment that empowers each student to achieve their own goals.

Vision Statement

Educate Tutoring will set the industry standard for educational support and tuition. Striving for excellence, our unique position, experience and skills will continue enabling us to improve our programs and services.

Through expanding our capacity, we are committed to providing educational support to an increased diversity of students.

Core Values

A Note from the Principal

At Educate Tutoring, our team works to help our students achieve tangible results in their learning. As educators nurture the capacity to analyse, articulate, reflect and reason, students are encouraged to actively engage in the process of learning and enquiry.

Through grouped, paired and individual tuition, students experience a positive educational environment and develop a sense of confidence in their ability to learn.

I invite you to make contact should you wish to know more about how Educate Tutoring can work to support any learning requirements you or your child may have. I would be more than happy to give you a call, so we can chat in person.

Naomi Wright

Principal Educator