Your Child’s Assessment Results Explained

At Educate Tutoring, we conduct assessments with all new enrolees. Assessments provide information about a student’s existing spelling, reading, writing and numerical skills and identify any areas of potential difficulty. A learning program is then tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Assessments are also conducted throughout a student’s program in order to monitor their progress. Our aim is to ensure that your child’s results are equivalent to or above their chronological age.

Following is a guide to understanding your child’s assessments.

Let’s use Jack’s* results as an example:

Looking at the table above, Jack began tuition at the chronological age of 9 years 4 months. His spelling age was 8 years 2 months – 14 months below expectation. 

We can see that Jack has attended tutoring for 8 months and in that time, has made a total gain of 18 months in his spelling age. From this, we can calculate a net gain of 10 months (18-8=10).

Considering ongoing child development, schooling, tutoring and life experience, we anticipate that the majority of students will make chronological gains over time. For example, within a 6 month period, we would expect the equivalent of a 6 month improvement in assessment results.

Jack’s assessments reflect a gain of 18 months in an 8 month period – the projected 8 month increase plus an additional 10 months. 

Whilst Jack’s final spelling age is still 4 months behind his chronological age, he has closed the gap in his learning by 10 months.

If you would like to talk further with us about how assessing your child may identify specific strengths and/or needs which can inform their educational program, please contact us here.