Academic Intervention

At Educate Tutoring, we believe in the importance of early intervention.

Academic Intervention is designed to assist students reach grade standard as soon as possible.  We believe that learning is just like building a house:  If the foundation isn’t solid, then the rest of the house won’t stand.  Students must have a strong understanding of foundation literacy and numeracy skills, or they are likely to experience challenges when faced with more abstract, higher order concepts.

For a host of reasons, students can lack confidence and skills, meaning they feel left behind.  Educate Tutoring can support your child build a knowledge base that will allow them to progress and develop confidence in their ability to learn.

With Academic Intervention, students can access support in both English and Mathematics.  Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of your child.  Students are carefully matched with tutors who provide individualised instruction in line with their strengths, experience and interests.

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