Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Our Academic Coaching tuition is designed to help support your child’s school-based learning in a specific and targeted manner.

Suitable for high-school and college students, these lessons offer assistance with schoolwork, assignments and homework.  Academic Coaching is beneficial for students experiencing challenges or those wishing to enhance their skills and understanding.

Educate Tutoring’s goal is to empower students to work independently.  Academic Coaching provides an opportunity for them to consolidate key study skills that can be transferred to all areas of learning.

Types of Lessons Available

Essay Writing Assistance

Our Essay Writing services are ideal for students needing short-term assistance with the composition of extended text assignments.  We can assist with planning and writing specific assignments, development of  time management and study skills, and general essay writing skills.

Ongoing Assistance

Academic Coaching programs are designed to provide ongoing support with all classwork and homework activities. The tutoring environment makes these lessons a great option for assisting students to manage and stay ahead of the continuous school-assigned workload.

Exam Preparation

At Educate Tutoring, we know how stressful examination periods can be. In these tutorials, we’ll help to formulate a study plan, share techniques and strategies for retaining important information, and revise key concepts so that students are prepared to enter their exams feeling confident.

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