Our Services

Early Childhood

We support the development of reading and writing through instruction in:

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness – hearing, segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds in words
  • Early phonics skills – helping students connect letter symbols to sounds
  • Letter formation and handwriting

Each of these elements are essential in developing strong foundational literacy skills.

Our younger students are given structured and systematic intervention support. This is perfect for K-2 students who are feeling stuck or left behind in the learn-to-read environment at school.

We make sure each lesson contains a wide variety of activities to keep students engaged. We take a multi-sensory approach to learning through connecting the senses of seeing, hearing, saying and doing. This includes hands-on activities that use modelling and physical manipulation to help students form stronger connections between sounds, letters and words.

Primary (Grade 3-6)

By Year 4, it takes four times as many resources to resolve a literacy problem than it does in Year 1.

For our primary students, we design an intervention program that targets their specific needs in literacy or numeracy. Our intervention programs begin by consolidating foundational skills before progressing systematically and sequentially to close the gap in a child’s learning.

We can help with:

  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Sentence construction, grammar and writing
  • Reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension
  • Foundational maths skills 
  • Connecting maths concepts to the real world

High School & College (Grade 7-12)

Depending on what best suits you or your child, we offer two types of tuition structure: Academic Intervention and Academic Coaching.

Academic Intervention is for students who are performing below grade level, and is designed to help them reach grade-standard as soon as possible. We develop a program that targets their specific learning needs.

Academic Coaching describes traditional “homework help”. Students are encouraged to bring along work from school for direct assistance in their assignments, exams or homework. Our coaching lessons provide opportunities for the independence that older students seek, whilst offering support where necessary. Our goal, however, is to empower students to be able to work independently, and provide them with skills that will be beneficial throughout the rest of their school years. 

Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention is suitable for students who require support in:

  • Spelling or reading
  • Sentence structure and sentence writing
  • Composing paragraphs
  • Understanding the differences between text types
  • Composing texts
  • Assisstive technology

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is suitable for students who require support in:

  • Planning and writing specific assignments
  • Developing general essay writing skills
  • Developing time management skills
  • Developing study skills
  • Staying on top of the continuous school-assigned workload
  • Exam preparation – including planning a study schedule, sharing techniques and strategies, and revision
  • Assistive technology

Academic Coaching can be short-term (for help with specific assignments/concepts) or long-term (for on-going support).


Our qualified tutors can also help with a range of other short-term tuition needs, including:

  • Defence Forces Entrance exam
  • Police Academy Entrance exam
  • Student Aptitude Test (SAT – USA)
  • High School, College and University exams
  • Understanding, interpreting, planning and enacting University assignments

We have tutors with backgrounds in:

  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Modern and Ancient History
  • Media Studies
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy