Tuition Structure


Individual lessons may be suitable for students requiring intensive, one-to-one support as tutors address specific learning needs through the implementation of a personalised tutorial program.

Julie and Freya sorting their phonograms!
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Social interaction plays a fundamental role in the process of learning with a partner or buddy.  Enhanced thinking, improved communication, and peer support all lead to increased student engagement. 

See outline below.


Grouped lessons allow for increased social engagement with peers, providing all the same benefits of a paired lesson with content being delivered in a more structured manner.

Kolby and Brodie have a blast!

*  If your child has a relationship with a family member or friend/s who may also be interested in attending tuition, and you feel that they may work well in a pair or small group, we encourage you to contact us about this possibility.

Advantages of Paired Learning

  • Learning, by its very nature, benefits from social interaction
  •  Engaging, on-task discussion can make learning more meaningful and therefore more memorable
  • Learning is consolidated through explaining educational concepts to others
  • Successful collaborative learning leads to increased confidence
  • The learning environment is enriched through the sharing of knowledge among peers
  • Active interaction of ideas between students and teacher enriches conversations

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