Teaching Skills

Essay writing



As someone who adores learning and understanding what makes things tick, I love being able to encourage that same enjoyment in others. As a current student at the University of Tasmania, I’m majoring in History, since connecting the past and present (and discovering the ways in which the former has influenced the latter) has always fascinated me. I love to make things, and you’ll often find copious little cartoons scribbled in my margins. When it comes to teaching, I prioritise the enjoyment of learning through creating a fun and energising atmosphere that is tailored to a students’ needs. Like sneaking vegetables into meals, I love to consolidate a student’s understanding of concepts through games and hands-on activities, and in doing so create tangible frames of reference for students. In my lessons, I aim to create a positive and nurturing environment in which students are able to develop their own abilities and confidence. I also have quite the collection of funky earrings, which are always a hoot – ask me about my Rubix cube ones!

My special characteristic is:

I have six different pairs of dinosaur earrings!

Soft Skills

Attention to detail