Teaching Skills




I love the water and ocean, and any activity that includes being in, on or around it! My passion for teaching began at a young age when I was inspired by an enthusiastic, caring, and often unorthodox, but highly successful high school teacher.  «I can’t do this», were words never allowed. There were always alternatives to solve any problem, make sense of any Maths formula, and always masses of encouragement to find different ways of learning.  This «think-outside-the-box» approach has stayed with me my entire career and I love finding new and different ways for students to learn. I graduated from university in 1991 and taught for several years across a diverse range of ages and disciplines but settled on working in developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills. I love seeing a student experience the joy of success. I feel everyone deserves to achieve to the best of their ability, and that I, as their tutor, have a responsibility to ensure they do so. It is so rewarding to be able to work at Educate Tutoring with a dynamic and committed team of educators who love nothing more than to see the students – child/young adult/adult –  gain a love for learning and therefore, flourish and shine!

My special characteristic is:

Portrait Drawing

Soft Skills

Critical thinking and problem solving
Emotional intelligence
Strong organization skills