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Academic Services Manager & Tutor


I’m passionate about sharing my love of learning with anyone and everyone. Having completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Criminology, I believe that understanding and respecting diverse views is the way forward. I am fascinated by people, and the endless ways we can study and view the world from different perspectives. Growing up in a household that encouraged and supported learning at all levels, I’ve spent my whole life wanting to know more, and I feel so fortunate to be able to help inspire the same passion and eagerness in others through my work with Educate. My curiosity and my love of challenges and problem solving makes my lessons fun, engaging and informative. Establishing a trusting relationship with my student is the key to a safe and supportive learning environment where it’s okay to make mistakes and try again. Educate Tutoring provided me with the opportunity to complete a work-based traineeship, where I was able to earn my Certificate III in Business. I’ve been so lucky to work and learn in environments like Educate that have supported me in my opportunities for learning, and I hope to provide the same for all of my students.

My special characteristic is:

I’m really good at buying more books before I finish reading the ones I already have! I’m also fabulous at colour-coordinating my bookshelves…

Soft Skills

Strong communication
Strong communication
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