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I’m passionate about sharing my love of learning with anyone and everyone. Currently a university student myself, I’m also completing a Business traineeship through Educate. As a Sociology major, I am fascinated with people, and the endless ways we can study and view the world from different perspectives. I believe that understanding and respecting diverse views is the way forward. Growing up in a household that encouraged and supported learning at all levels, I’ve spent my whole life wanting to know more, and now I feel so fortunate to be able to help inspire the same passion and eagerness in others. My curiosity and love of challenges makes my lessons fun, engaging and informative. Establishing a trusting relationship with my student is the key to a safe and supportive learning environment where it’s okay to make mistakes and try again. Educate Tutoring and my schooling have given me so much support and opportunities for learning, and I hope to provide the same for all of my students.