Teaching Skills




I am a keen learner myself and have a passion for spreading my knowledge to others. I am currently a student myself, completing my undergraduate in education. I’m excited to take that knowledge and teach others. Growing up I have always had a fixation with music and musical instruments, every year I would find myself picking up a new instrument and attempting to learn how to play it. That obsession with music helped me realise that I want to teach others how fun and enjoyable learning new things can be. It is important to me that lessons are fun. In my spare time, I enjoy playing music with my mates. The most enjoyable parts of my week are whenever my mates rock up at my house unannounced just to have a jam or go into the backyard and play some cricket to relax and have a good time. As a student I always benefited more from a fun and enjoyable lesson, an essential element which I plan to incorporate in my tutoring lessons. Whether it was playing games, singing songs, or even just learning something new. I am very excited to see where my teaching career and my time with Educate Tutoring goes. 

My special characteristic is:

Can touch my elbow with my tongue