I have just finished Year 12 and will be starting my first year of university, where I will study a Bachelor of Education. I joined Educate Tutoring last year and have loved working here since as an administration assistant. My passions are art and the outdoors. I love spending time in nature with my family, whether this is swimming in the ocean or trekking through the bush, I can always find peace of mind when I am outside. I also enjoy art and in college I found I especially loved ceramics. I am fascinated by fantasy and fairy-tales which I love to incorporate into my art work. I draw inspiration for this from the outdoors where I find most fairy-tales and mythical creatures are inspired from. I enjoy sports and keeping active and have found I especially love water polo. I have always loved swimming from a young age and have found water polo has taught me the importance of working together as a team player and how the discipline of training is relevant to any skill I may like to try.

My special characteristic is:

I can easily eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting, sometimes even the family sized one.

Soft Skills