Maths Programs at Educate Tutoring

March 6, 2020 Lessons News Numeracy

Maths is like building a house. If the foundation isn’t solid, then the rest of the house won’t stand. If students have gaps in their foundational understanding of numeracy, they will struggle to advance to more complicated mathematical concepts. In order for students to be able to build on their existing knowledge, concepts need to be mastered before moving on to other, more challenging aspects. 

To further understand this idea of mastery learning, see this TED talk by Khan Academy founder Sal Khan: 

At Educate Tutoring, the first step we take is to identify the gaps in a student’s knowledge, using a variety of assessments.

After assessments have highlighted areas requiring further instruction, a personalised Mathematics program is developed for each student.

At Educate Tutoring, we use a Singapore Maths based approach in the development of our programs. Resources that utilise concrete models and encourage different reasoning and problem-solving methods assist us in teaching deeper understandings of concepts and skills.

Singapore Maths trains students in using a mathematical vocabulary, and understands that learning is a two-way dialogue requiring students to think critically and explore methods of solving problems.