Academic Coaching

March 6, 2020 Lessons Literacy News Numeracy


Our Academic Coaching tuition is designed to help support your child’s scholastic learning in a specific and targeted manner.

Traditionally suitable for high-school and college students, these lessons offer assistance with classwork, assignments and homework. Academic Coaching is beneficial for students experiencing challenges as well as those wishing to enhance their skills and understanding in a range of different subject areas. 

Adding depth to your child’s experience with Educate, our approach incorporates supporting the development of transferrable skills and knowledge that can be utilised not only across different subjects within the school context but also within the workplace and daily living.

Educate’s goal is to empower students to work independently. Coaching provides an opportunity for them to consolidate key study skills that can be applied to all areas of learning.

COVID-19 and Homeschooling

With parents now taking the key role of educator within the home, partnering with Educate Tutoring has never been a more obvious choice.  

Whilst juggling the requirements of your own work, let us share the responsibility of supporting the learning needs of your child as you both navigate work packages, online learning and assignment deadlines.  

Academic coaching is suitable for students of all ages.

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